Security Services Goa

B. B. C. Security Services Goa

Discipline and Intelligence

  • We introduce our self as one of the leading Security Agency with a team of disciplined well trained and professional works men dedicated to provide quality Guarding watch and ward Service and ensure discipline among the personnel provided.

  • B.B.C.S.S. a Security Agency started its operation way back in the year 2005 and has achieved tremendous growth and recognisation from Government and Commercial institutions.

  • B.B.C.S.S. is an Private Limited Firm and have all legal documents for e.g. E.P.F., E.S.I.C, L.W.F, SERVICE TAX license etc, making it very clear to the principle Employer that they have employed an totally equipped, Registered, Security Firm for their watch and ward activity.

  • B.B.C.S.S. has grown flourished and now has become a Limited Agency which have high standards for discipline and turn out and Security related activities.

  • B.B.C.S.S. have finest operational Team with its dare operational leaders who have earned their experience by giving various kinds services to institution, banks, hotels etc.

  • B.B.C.S.S scores up with around 500 guarding staff all over Goa and still increasing. As we are being repeatedly invited by our clients to provide them watch and ward activities.

  • When security is briefly reviewed we will invariably come to the conclusion that crime is man’s nature and unavoidable, especially in an industrial scenario. Hence proper vigilance and prevention of crime becomes the primary objective of security. This can be achieved both by active and passive means and in an overall perspective would be to serve and protect the environment by plugging the loopholes that exist. Protection that brings peace of mind to owners and responsible authorities.

  • Security is a serious issue and we handle our task with great responsibility. This is why we have one of the best in-house training programs and tight screening of the applicants. This ensures that Black Belt Security personnel are amongst the elite in the industry.


  • Security Services Goa


  • Security Services Goa

  • Security Services Goa

  • Security Services Goa